1 December 2003 Optical pumping of the XeF(C→A) and iodine 1.315-μm lasers by a compact surface discharge system
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Details are provided regarding the design, construction, and performance of a compact (≈0.6-m2 footprint), single-channel surface discharge system and its application to optically pumping the XeF(C→A) and iodine atomic lasers in the blue-green (≈480 nm) and near infrared (1.315 μm), respectively. The system has a gain (active) length of ≈50 cm, and triggering the discharge requires no high-voltage or high-current switches. Measurements of the velocity of the photodissociation bleaching wave and the small-signal gain of the XeF(C→A) system are described. At 488 nm, the gain coefficient γ was found to be ≈0.3% cm–1, a value comparable to those reported previously for systems dissipating considerably higher power per unit length. Single-pulse energies <50 mJ from the XeF(C→A) laser (≈485 nm) and <0.7 J on the 5p 2P1/2→5p 2P3/2 transition of atomic iodine at 1.315 μm have been obtained with nonoptimized resonator output couplings (5% and 10%, respectively). The rate of erosion of the dielectric surface has been measured to be ≈0.1 to 0.3 μm/shot for a glass ceramic dielectric, and the performance of two electrical configurations for the ballasting pins (feedthrough and V) is compared.
© (2003) Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Brent A. Knecht, Brent A. Knecht, Richard D. Fraser, Richard D. Fraser, D. J. Wheeler, D. J. Wheeler, C. J. Zietkiewicz, C. J. Zietkiewicz, Andrey Aleksandrovich Senin, Andrey Aleksandrovich Senin, Leonid D. Mikheev, Leonid D. Mikheev, Vitaly S. Zuev, Vitaly S. Zuev, J. Gary Eden, J. Gary Eden, } "Optical pumping of the XeF(C→A) and iodine 1.315-μm lasers by a compact surface discharge system," Optical Engineering 42(12), (1 December 2003). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1624849 . Submission:


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