1 February 2003 Holographic diffuser for diffuse infrared wireless home networking
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We present the design and fabrication of holographic diffusers for diffuse IR wireless home networking. Three optimization methods—error reduction, input-output, and simulated annealing—are studied and used to calculate the computer-generated holograms, which are employed to fabricate the holographic diffusers. To evaluate the performance of the computer-generated holograms generated using these techniques, a cost function is defined and calculated for each hologram. The computer-generated hologram generated from the simulated annealing is found to have the best output compared to the other two techniques. The diffusers are verified by displaying them onto a spatial light modulator. The fabrication of the computer-generated hologram onto a piece of quartz with a pixel size of 14×14 μm using a laser writing system is achieved, and the diffraction pattern of the diffuser is demonstrated.
Jianping Yao, George C. K. Chen, "Holographic diffuser for diffuse infrared wireless home networking," Optical Engineering 42(2), (1 February 2003). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1534592

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