1 February 2003 Three-dimensional micro-optical switching system architecture using slab-waveguide-based micro-optical switches
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A high-speed, large-scale architecture, three-dimensional micro-optical switching system (3-D MOSS) is proposed. A switching network is divided into subnetwork blocks, followed by stacking them to construct a multilayer structure. The interblock waveguide connection is replaced with short-distance vertical optical wiring, that is, optical z connections. Thus, 3D-MOSS, in contrast with conventional planar structures, reduces waveguide cross points, wiring length, and system size. Expected applications are switching for fiber communications, reconfigurable 3-D micro optoelectronic (OE) systems, and so on. 3D-MOSS consists of OE films, in which thin-film high-speed micro-optical switches are embedded. Two critical issues for 3D-MOSS, micro-optical switch and optical z connection, are investigated. The beam propagation method (BPM) calculation shows that waveguide-prism-deflector micro-optical switch (WPD-MOS), in which prism-shaped electrodes are formed on an electro-optic slab waveguide, is suitable for the micro-optical switch. The finite difference time domain method (FDTD)/BPM coupled simulation demonstrates a possibility of low-loss optical z connection in a 4-μm width waveguide-based 3-D micro-optical network. Performance of 3D-MOSS for a 32×32 Banyan network is assessed as follows: system size is 2250 (length)×600 (width)×320 (height) μm3, operation voltage 110 V, switching speed <1 μs, power consumption 520 mW at a switching rate of 3×105/s, and maximum insertion loss 14 dB. This indicates the viability of 3D-MOSS from viewpoints of channel count, switching speed, thermal management, and power budget. A material/cost-saving device integration process "photolithographic packaging with selectively occupied repeated transfer (PL-Pack with SORT)" is briefly described as an example of a fabrication method for 3D-MOSS.
© (2003) Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Tetsuzo Yoshimura, Tetsuzo Yoshimura, Satoshi Tsukada, Satoshi Tsukada, Shinji Kawakami, Shinji Kawakami, Minoru Ninomiya, Minoru Ninomiya, Yukihiro Arai, Yukihiro Arai, Hiroaki Kurokawa, Hiroaki Kurokawa, Kunihiko Asama, Kunihiko Asama, } "Three-dimensional micro-optical switching system architecture using slab-waveguide-based micro-optical switches," Optical Engineering 42(2), (1 February 2003). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1532333 . Submission:

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