1 May 2003 Dynamical thermal lensing of high-power solid-state lasers
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Optical Engineering, 42(5), (2003). doi:10.1117/1.1564100
Based on a graded-refractive-index lens model, the effects of thermal lensing on the overlap integrals, diffraction loss, pump threshold, and laser efficiency of the TEM00 mode for uniformly pumped solid-state lasers with a flat-flat symmetrical cavity are analyzed. Unlike the end-pumped system, the overlap integral Vth related to the threshold pump power will not change with pump power, due to the uniform pumping. We link the thermal lensing with the laser output power. A dramatic increase of the laser mode radius at the crystal caused by the thermal lensing reduces the Fresnel number and raises the diffraction loss so that the laser output power drops at one value of the pump power.
Wenjie Xie, Wentao Hu, Jiandong Xu, Feng Zhou, "Dynamical thermal lensing of high-power solid-state lasers," Optical Engineering 42(5), (1 May 2003). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.1564100


Rod lasers

Transmission electron microscopy

GRIN lenses

Modes of laser operation

Solid state lasers

Laser crystals

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