1 March 2004 Focal plane array infrared camera transfer function calculation and image restoration
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Optical Engineering, 43(3), (2004). doi:10.1117/1.1645846
Infrared images often present distortions induced by the measurement system. Image processing is thus an essential part of infrared measurements. A distortion model based on a convolution product is presented. The analytical form of the convolution kernel has been obtained from an image formation theory, along with an analysis of the sampling of the focal plane array camera detector's matrix. Image restoration is an ill-posed problem, and its solution can be obtained using regularization methods. In this work, image restoration is performed using a variation of Tikhonov regularization that makes use of the particular form of the convolution kernel matrix, which is built as a block-circulant matrix that admits a diagonal form in the 2-D Fourier space. The restoration procedure is used to restore a knife-edge infrared source image.
Stefan Datcu, Laurent Ibos, Yves Candau, Simone Mattei, Jean-Claude Frichet, "Focal plane array infrared camera transfer function calculation and image restoration," Optical Engineering 43(3), (1 March 2004). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.1645846

Image restoration

Point spread functions


Staring arrays

Infrared radiation

Modulation transfer functions

Infrared imaging

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