1 May 2004 Er-Yb double-clad fiber amplifier
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We present model calculations of gain at 1550 nm for Er-Yb double-clad amplifiers as a function of pump power, signal input power, fiber length, and temperature. The calculated gain is ~20 dB for a 6-W pump for a 20-mW input signal at 25 C. More than 10 W of amplified power can be obtained using an 8-m-long fiber with ~25 W of pump power. The gain decreases with increasing input signal. We show that a high-power Er-Yb codoped double-clad fiber amplifier also exhibits high gain for Yb transition near 1060 nm. This is not unexpected, since the input pump causes population inversion in Yb also.
Qiang Wang, Niloy K. Dutta, "Er-Yb double-clad fiber amplifier," Optical Engineering 43(5), (1 May 2004). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1695402

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