1 December 2005 Mechanical fabrication of precision microlenses on optical fiber endfaces
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We present a purely mechanical means of producing highly concentric spherical lenses at the endfaces of optical fibers. The production process has two stages. First, conical lenses are produced in a grinding process that ensures excellent concentricity. Then, the conical lenses are transformed to spherical lenses using a novel process called loose abrasive blasting. The cone grinding is carried out on a microgrinding machine, which has a sophisticated control system that enables the production of precision conical lenses. The blasting is carried out on a diamond blasting machine. Plots showing automatic centering performance of the microgrinding machine and scanning electron microscopy images of the conical and spherical lenses are presented.
Gareth Milton, Yousef A. Gharbia, Jayantha Katupitiya, "Mechanical fabrication of precision microlenses on optical fiber endfaces," Optical Engineering 44(12), 123402 (1 December 2005). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2148428

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