1 December 2006 Bidirectional quantitative color schlieren
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A quantitative bidirectional color schlieren system is presented, analyzed, and demonstrated. This method is capable of measuring simultaneously two components of deflection angles in two perpendicular spatial directions. The system acts as two independent schlieren setups with perpendicular knife-edge orientations. The method employs a two-color filter. A bidirectional heterodyne schlieren method is presented as well. The system is demonstrated by measuring various phase objects and compared with conventional schlieren. The sensitivity of the measurements can be significantly improved over the existing bidirectional schlieren methods. Moreover, the system is conceptually simple and inexpensive.
Josef Stricker, Boris Zakharin, Binyamin T. Hornick, Florence Rosenblatt, "Bidirectional quantitative color schlieren," Optical Engineering 45(12), 123604 (1 December 2006). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2402103

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