1 March 2006 New scheme for image edge detection using the switching mechanism of nonlinear optical material
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Optical Engineering, 45(3), 037003 (2006). doi:10.1117/1.2179806
The limitations of electronics in conducting parallel arithmetic, algebraic, and logic processing are well known. Very high-speed (terahertz) performance cannot be expected in conventional electronic mechanisms. To achieve such performance we can introduce optics instead of electronics for information processing, computing, and data handling. Nonlinear optical material (NOM) is a successful candidate in this regard to play a major role in the domain of optically controlled switching systems. The character of some NOMs is such as to reflect the probe beam in the presence of two read beams (or pump beams) exciting the material from opposite directions, using the principle of four-wave mixing. In image processing, edge extraction from an image is an important and essential task. Several optical methods of digital image processing are used for properly evaluating the image edges. We propose here a new method of image edge detection, extraction, and enhancement by use of AND-based switching operations with NOM. In this process we have used the optically inverted image of a supplied image. This can be obtained by the EXOR switching operation of the NOM.
Nirmalya Pahari, Sourangshu Mukhopadhyay, "New scheme for image edge detection using the switching mechanism of nonlinear optical material," Optical Engineering 45(3), 037003 (1 March 2006). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.2179806


Edge detection

Image processing

Image enhancement

Nano opto mechanical systems

Nonlinear optical materials

Laser beam diagnostics


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