1 June 2006 Efficient wavelet-domain motion estimation scheme for wavelet-based video coding
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Motion estimation is a key element of the video coder, which heavily affects the performance of video coding. However, the most significant problem of the discrete wavelet transform is the shift-variant property, which makes the wavelet-domain motion estimation inaccurate. To eliminate the influence of shift variance, an optimal synthesis filtering method is introduced and an efficient motion estimation scheme using the proposed method is presented, which can perform the motion estimation accurately. The experiment results show that the proposed motion estimation scheme outperforms the other wavelet-domain motion estimation schemes by 0.7 dB and has moderate complexity.
Lei Zhang, Guo-Fang Tu, "Efficient wavelet-domain motion estimation scheme for wavelet-based video coding," Optical Engineering 45(6), 067004 (1 June 2006). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2189291

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