1 February 2007 Low image reconstruction error using continuous real axis modulation
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A method of encoding computer-generated holograms, which is matched to the recently developed one-step phase retrieval (OSPR) algorithm, is described. Continuous amplitude and binary phase modulators are coupled to enable the encoding of the entire Fourier plane real axis, and an implementation using commonly available reflective and transmissive devices is described. It is shown that, if a binary phase spatial light modulator (SLM), employing high switching angle liquid crystal (LC) material, is deployed in such a coupled modulator arrangement, the resultant reconstructed images exhibit signal-to-noise ratios some 3.5 and 15 times greater than those currently achievable with continuous and binary phase modulation, respectively.
Edward Buckley, Timothy David Wilkinson, Adrian J. Cable, "Low image reconstruction error using continuous real axis modulation," Optical Engineering 46(2), 025802 (1 February 2007). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2671319

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