1 March 2007 Whole-field optical strain sensor using a microlens array
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Optical Engineering, 46(3), 034403 (2007). doi:10.1117/1.2716372
We discuss a novel whole-field optical strain sensor termed the moiré interferometric strain sensor (MISS) for simultaneous measuring of multipoint strains and whole-field contours of in-plane displacement. A high-frequency grating, attached to the surface of a specimen, is used as the displacement and strain-sensing unit. When illuminated by two collimated beams at a prescribed angle, the interference of the diffracted beams gives the whole-field deformation contours. If, on the other hand, each of the individual beams is separately imaged using a multilens CCD sensor similar to a wavefront sensor, the separation between the spot centroids for each microlens is directly proportional to the normal or shear strain component at the corresponding position on the specimen. Applications are demonstrated for uniform rotation and simulated in-plane strains.
Anand Krishna Asundi, Jun Wang, Anish Priyadarshi, Wei Zhou, Subodh G. Mhaisalkar, Lennie E. N. Lim, "Whole-field optical strain sensor using a microlens array," Optical Engineering 46(3), 034403 (1 March 2007). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2716372


Holographic wavefront sensor
Proceedings of SPIE (August 30 2005)

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