1 June 2007 High-sensitivity laser photoacoustic leak detector
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Optical Engineering, 46(6), 064302 (2007). doi:10.1117/1.2748042
A photoacoustic (PA) leak detector on the base of a compact CO2 laser is proposed for the detection of hydrogen leaks from cooling systems of electric power generators. Leak detection is based on a trace gas marker SF6 registration, which is added to the gas carrier within the leakage area. Experimental results of SF6 impurity detection in weak gas leakage using a PA detector with a differential ring cavity flow type are sited. The threshold sensitivity of the detector is measured at ~7.5·10-10cm-1. The effect of gas-flow rate through the detector is studied. The minimum reliably detectable flow is estimated to be ~1·10-10 Pa·m3/s, which exceeds the sensitivity of commercial helium and halogen leak detectors. Description and specifications of the developed model of a portable laser leak detector, designed in accordance with experimental results, are given.
Chang-Myung Lee, Konstantin V. Bychkov, Venedict A. Kapitanov, Alexander I. Karapuzikov, Yurii N. Ponomarev, Igor V. Sherstov, Vadim A. Vasiliev, "High-sensitivity laser photoacoustic leak detector," Optical Engineering 46(6), 064302 (1 June 2007). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.2748042


Gas lasers


Photoacoustic spectroscopy

Carbon monoxide




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