1 March 2008 Selective adaptive weighted median filter
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A new impulsive noise removal algorithm, the selective adaptive weighted median filter (SAWMF), is introduced. The proposed solution is a class of adaptive weighted median filters with incorporation of a switching mechanism. Using a median-based comparison technique to classify each image pixel as an impulse or a noise-free one, the new algorithm employs a weighted median filter where the weights are adaptively selected from two fixed values to restore the detected noisy pixels and keep the noise-free ones unchanged. The experimental results indicate that the SAWMF provides a significant performance improvement over many of the existing filtering techniques in suppressing impulsive noise with different contamination ratios.
Lianghai Jin, Caiquan Xiong, Dehua Li, "Selective adaptive weighted median filter," Optical Engineering 47(3), 037001 (1 March 2008). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2891297

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