1 April 2008 Full three-dimensional reconstruction using key-frame selection under circular motion
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Optical Engineering, 47(4), 047003 (2008). doi:10.1117/1.2904004
Fundamental-matrix and key-frame selection constitute one of the most important techniques for full 3-D reconstruction of objects from turntable sequences. This paper proposes the new methods for these selection problems in 3-D reconstruction from uncalibrated sequences taken with a turntable and the Fotonovo camera system. Also, we propose a projection-matrix refinement for accurate full 3-D reconstruction. Our approach utilizes single-axis motion. To evaluate the fundamental matrix, camera calibration and 3-D registration are generally needed. Our main contribution is a method for robustly determining the corresponding points between two images, and for accurately filling gaps in a sparse object so as to make surface reconstruction tractable. We do not need all frames, but only few pairs of images (key frames). The key-frame selection has the advantage in camera pose estimation and 3-D scene reconstruction of reducing the computational costs. Experimental results on real image sequences demonstrate accurate object reconstructions and robustness of the proposed methods.
Sang-Hoon Kim, Yung-Ho Seo, Yong-In Yun, Jong-Soo Choi, "Full three-dimensional reconstruction using key-frame selection under circular motion," Optical Engineering 47(4), 047003 (1 April 2008). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.2904004


3D image reconstruction

3D image processing

Optical engineering

Reconstruction algorithms

3D modeling


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