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1 March 2009 Spectral properties and surface uniformity of black glass gloss references
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Commercial glossmeters are usually provided with a gloss reference. In some cases the reference is derived from black glass. Light reflection from the reference depends both on the complex refractive index and on the surface quality, such as the roughness and the cleanness of the reflecting surface, of the black glass. If we want to obtain accurate data on gloss or the minute gloss mottling of an object, we must be certain of the optical properties and surface quality of the reference in regard to reliable gloss analysis. In this study the complex refractive index of a gloss reference, as a function of wavelength, was measured with an ellipsometer, and the reflectance at standardized gloss measurement angles was calculated for the case of nonpolarized light. We show that the gloss reference has a substantial extinction coefficient, which must be considered in accurately describing the reflectance of the reference. Furthermore, the gloss variation of the reference was detected with a diffractive-optical-element-based glossmeter by scanning the reference surface at normal light incidence. We observed that the reference had rather high gloss mottling and consider the reasons for it.
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Mikko Juuti, Heikki Tuononen, Antti Penttila, Kari Myller, Kari Lumme, and Kai Eri Peiponen "Spectral properties and surface uniformity of black glass gloss references," Optical Engineering 48(3), 033603 (1 March 2009).
Published: 1 March 2009

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