1 December 2010 Optical probe for porosity defect detection on inner diameter surfaces of machined bores
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Optical Engineering, 49(12), 123606 (2010). doi:10.1117/1.3526336
We demonstrate an optical probe for detection of porosity inside spool bores of a transmission valve body with diameters down to 5 mm. The probe consists of a graded-index relay rod that focuses a laser beam spot onto the inner surface of the bore. Detectors, placed in the specular and grazing directions with respect to the incident beam, measure the change in scattered intensity when a surface defect is encountered. Based on the scattering signatures in the two directions, the system can also validate the depth of the defect and distinguish porosity from bump-type defects coming out of the metal surface. The system can detect porosity down to a 50-µm lateral dimension and ~40 µm in depth with >3-dB contrast over the background intensity fluctuations. Porosity detection systems currently use manual inspection techniques on the plant floor, and the demonstrated probe provides a noncontact technique that can help automotive manufacturers meet high-quality standards during production.
Ojas P. Kulkarni, Mohammed N. Islam, Fred L. Terry, "Optical probe for porosity defect detection on inner diameter surfaces of machined bores," Optical Engineering 49(12), 123606 (1 December 2010). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3526336


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