1 April 2010 Beam-shaping method for uniform illumination by superposition of tilted Gaussian beams
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Optical Engineering, 49(4), 044203 (2010). doi:10.1117/1.3407457
Efficient beam shaping with uniform illumination is required in laser active imaging and detecting systems. In this paper, a beam-shaping method by superposition of tilted fundamental-mode Gaussian beams to produce nearly uniform illumination is proposed. The analytical formula for the average intensity of propagating multitilted Gaussian beams (MTGBs) is derived and used to study the uniformity of the beam profile with Fourier analysis. It is found that the MTGB maintains its flat-topped shape as it propagates and its uniformity is controlled by the parameters of fundamental-mode beams and superposition. Numerical examples are given. The method is used to reconfigure the beams of a high-power laser diode stack to form a MTGB shape for illumination of a 9×11.6-deg angular field. The simulation results from ASAP software show a shaping efficiency of 75%, and the rms deviation of the irradiance distribution from a flat-top shape is approximately 8%.
Yanbing Jiang, Huimin Yan, Xiuda Zhang, "Beam-shaping method for uniform illumination by superposition of tilted Gaussian beams," Optical Engineering 49(4), 044203 (1 April 2010). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3407457

Gaussian beams


Beam shaping

Beam propagation method

Laser beam propagation

Fourier transforms

Illumination engineering

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