1 April 2010 Research on multipoint layer-type laser Doppler self-velocimeter
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Optical Engineering, 49(4), 044301 (2010). doi:10.1117/1.3386518
An idea of using a multipoint layer-type laser Doppler self-velocimeter (LDV) to offer velocity for the vehicle navigation system was proposed because the accelerometer had the error term generated by overload. The principle of measuring its own velocity with laser Doppler was expounded while a multipoint layer-type LDV was designed, and the Doppler signal was processed by the technique of tracking filter and digital autocorrelation. The result of theory and experiment showed that the multipoint layer-type dual-beam LDV system was suitable for measuring on rough road surfaces when the individual dual-beam LDV was in the status of out of focus. Low-frequency disturbance and some noises were eliminated by the tracking filter, and the residual noise was removed by digital autocorrelator so that the signal-to-noise ratio and the detection sensibility of the system was greatly improved. Comparing to the global position system, the relative accuracy of LDV is ~1.95%.
Jian Zhou, Weiqiang Yang, Xingwu Long, "Research on multipoint layer-type laser Doppler self-velocimeter," Optical Engineering 49(4), 044301 (1 April 2010). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3386518

Doppler effect

Laser Doppler velocimetry

Electronic filtering

Bandpass filters

Signal to noise ratio

Signal processing

Optical filters

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