1 November 1966 Imaging Microdensitometer
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The extension of the dynamic range of the vidicon to 104 as the result of work conducted at the Lincoln Laboratory suggested the use of this sensor for information retrieval of data recorded on photographic film, in this particular application, microdensitometry is used to read-out radiometric, spatial and spectral data recorded on film. Conventional microdensitometers utilize microscope optics and photomultipliers. A new approach to microdensitometry is proposed in which the microscope optics are replaced with longer focal length projection optics and a vidicon tube replaces the photomultiplier. An experimental imaging-microdensitometer was built and its performance will be discussed.
Jacob Rotstein, Jacob Rotstein, Robert R. Billups, Robert R. Billups, } "Imaging Microdensitometer," Optical Engineering 5(1), 050109 (1 November 1966). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971366 . Submission:

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