1 January 1967 Exposure Parameter Nomograph
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One of the graphs I presented in a recent paper' has been found to be of particular value in systems analysis where the trade-off between film speed and target brightness with lens aperture and shutter speed is to be determined. Since that graph was presented, it has become the practice to express film speed in the 0.6 gamma speed for aerial film use rather than in the ASA numbers that apply to amateur photography. The change in the number value assigned to film speed thus needs to be incorporated with the parameter chart and this is what I propose to do in this article. At the same time, I wish to present a simple explanation of how the chart works. First let us assume that the exposure equation is correct, as indeed it had better be or all of photography is in a fair amount of trouble. In the old familiar form the exposure equation is:
Kermit L. Sandefur, Kermit L. Sandefur, } "Exposure Parameter Nomograph," Optical Engineering 5(2), 050269 (1 January 1967). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971360 . Submission:


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