1 March 1967 A New Film-Monobath Combination for Oscillography
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A film process has been designed for use in oscillography and similar applications were in-line processing at variable rates is a desirable feature. A film, Kodak 2490 RAR Film (Estar Base), has been designed specifically for high-temperature monobath processing, and a monobath, Kodak 448 Monobath, has been designed to develop and clear this film simul-taneously in 30 seconds at approximately 100°F. Unusually broad latitude with respect to temperature, time, and agitation characterizes the process, but it is essential that the mechanical component required to provide a complete processing system be designed with attention to the special characteristics of this new film process combination.
John C. Barnes, Wilfred J. Moretti, Donald G. Bushman, "A New Film-Monobath Combination for Oscillography," Optical Engineering 5(3), 050395 (1 March 1967). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971371 . Submission:

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