1 July 1967 Rapid-Access Processing of Cathode-Ray-Tube Recording Film
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Investigation of the factors involved in rapid processing at elevated temperatures has led to new films and chemical solutions which are specially designed for very rapid processing of cathode-ray tube recordings. An experimental, laboratory model of a complete, rapid processing system was constructed in order t o study various aspects of the problem. By using special cathode-ray-tube recording films, together with specially formulated developer and fixer, it was possible to demonstrate useful development in less than 2 sec. at 130°F, and clearing in less than 2 sec., at the same temperature. With rinsing and drying requiring 2 sec. each, a processing system is shown to produce rinsed, dried film of high quality in a total time of less than 8 sec.
J. C. Barnes, J. C. Barnes, J. R. Moran, J. R. Moran, R. C. Salsich, R. C. Salsich, } "Rapid-Access Processing of Cathode-Ray-Tube Recording Film," Optical Engineering 5(5), 505181 (1 July 1967). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971351 . Submission:

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