1 July 1967 The Multiple Scan Correlator
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A contract was awarded by the Naval Air Development Center to design and build a Multiple Scan Correlator. Essentially a radar amplifier, the Multiple Scan Correlator embodies a camera, rapid film processor, and rear screen projector. The film that is exposed during the ten second scan of the radar is processed while the next frame is being exposed. On the next scan of the radar, the exposed developed frame is projected on the screen. Image correlation is achieved by superimposed projection of the most recent eight frames in rapid sequence. This paper describes construction details of the unit, especially the unique flashing lamp system. It also describes the rapid film processor and the problems that were encountered in its development.
James Wharry, "The Multiple Scan Correlator," Optical Engineering 5(5), 505202 (1 July 1967). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971355 . Submission:

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