1 February 2011 Production of confluent hypergeometric beam by computer-generated hologram
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Optical Engineering, 50(2), 024201 (2011). doi:10.1117/1.3533031
Because of their spiral wave front, phase singularity, zero-intensity center and orbital angular momentum, dark hollow vortex beams have been found many applications in the field of atom optics such as atom cooling, atom transport and atom guiding. In this paper, a method for generating confluent hypergeometric beam by computer-generated hologram displayed on the spatial light modulator is presented. The hologram is formed by interference between a single ring Laguerre-Gaussian beam and a plane wave. The far-field Fraunhofer diffraction of this optical field transmitted from the hologram is the confluent hypergeometric beam. This beam is a circular symmetric beam which has a phase singularity, spiral wave front, zero-intensity center, and intrinsic orbital angular momentum. It is a new dark hollow vortex beam
Jiannong Chen, Qinfeng Xu, Gang Wang, "Production of confluent hypergeometric beam by computer-generated hologram," Optical Engineering 50(2), 024201 (1 February 2011). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3533031

Phase shift keying

Chemical species

Computer generated holography



Spiral phase plates

Bessel beams

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