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1 March 2011 Polynomial-style region incremental multisecret image sharing
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This paper proposes a polynomial-style region incremental multisecret image sharing (PBRIMSIS), for sharing multiple secrets in an image among n participants. The method enables the dealer to distribute the content of an image S to multiple regions, where each region is associated with a certain level of secrecy. In the proposed n-level PBRIMSIS scheme, input image S is encoded to n+1 shadow images that exhibit the following features: a. each shadow image cannot reveal any region in S, b. any t (2 ⩽ tn + 1) shadow images can be used to reveal these regions associated with up to t - 1 secret levels, and c. S can be completely reconstructed when all of the n+1 shadow images are available. A discrete cosine transform-based PBRIMSIS with a smaller shadow image scheme is designed to improve the transmission and storage of the generated shadow images. The property of incremental disclosure to the region-based secrets in an image is applicable to image sharing in diverse applications that require the sharing of multiple secrets with different secrecy priorities, such as in cooperative working or in military secrets.
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Ran-Zan Wang and Yung-Yi Lin "Polynomial-style region incremental multisecret image sharing," Optical Engineering 50(3), 037004 (1 March 2011).
Published: 1 March 2011

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