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1 April 2011 Improved level-set framework-based algorithm for small infrared target detection
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An improved algorithm integrating wavelet decomposition, multilevel filtering, and an additive operator splitting (AOS)-based level-set framework for infrared small target detection is proposed. This model has two components: a filtering operation, and level-set evolution. In the filtering step, the original image is first decomposed using a wavelet transform. After determining the location of sea-sky line, we construct a subimage based on the sea-sky-line position, and then execute multilevel filtering on this subimage. This filtering framework provides the input image for the level-set evolution. Using the level-set formulation, complex curves can be detected while naturally handling topological changes of the evolving curves. To reduce the computational cost required by an explicit implementation of the level-set formulation, a new solver named AOS is proposed. Additionally, the quantitative analyses for our algorithm are also given. Experiments on real infrared image sequences indicate that our method is efficient and robust.
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Dengwei Wang, Tianxu Zhang, Luxin Yan, Xiaoyong Bian, and Wenjun Shi "Improved level-set framework-based algorithm for small infrared target detection," Optical Engineering 50(4), 047202 (1 April 2011).
Published: 1 April 2011

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