1 September 2011 Object segmentation based on guided layering from video image
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Optical Engineering, 50(9), 097006 (2011). doi:10.1117/1.3625415
When the object is similar to the background, it is difficult to segment the completed human body object from video images. To solve the problem, this paper proposes an object segmentation algorithm based on guided layering from video images. This algorithm adopts the structure of advance by degrees, including three parts altogether. Each part constructs the different energy function in terms of the spatiotemporal information to maximize the posterior probability of segmentation label. In part one, the energy functions are established, respectively, with the frame difference information in the first layer and second layer. By optimization, the initial segmentation is solved in the first layer, and then the amended segmentation is obtained in the second layer. In part two, the energy function is built in the interframe with the shape feature as the prior guiding to eliminate the interframe difference of the segmentation result. In art three, the segmentation results in the previous two parts are fused to suppress or inhibit the over-repairing segmentation and the object shape variations in the adjacent two-frame. The results from the compared experiment indicate that this algorithm can obtain the completed human body object in the case of the video image with similarity between object and background.
Guangfeng Lin, Hong Zhu, Caixia Fan, Erhu Zhang, "Object segmentation based on guided layering from video image," Optical Engineering 50(9), 097006 (1 September 2011). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3625415

Image segmentation


Image processing algorithms and systems

Fusion energy

Optical engineering

Visual process modeling



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