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6 February 2012 Photometric-based recovery of illuminant-free color images using a red-green-blue digital camera
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Albedo estimation has traditionally been used to make computational simulations of real objects under different conditions, but as yet no device is capable of measuring albedo directly. The aim of this work is to introduce a photometric-based color imaging framework that can estimate albedo and can reproduce the appearance both indoors and outdoors of images under different lights and illumination geometry. Using a calibration sample set composed of chips made of the same material but different colors and textures, we compare two photometric-stereo techniques, one of them avoiding the effect of shadows and highlights in the image and the other ignoring this constraint. We combined a photometric-stereo technique and a color-estimation algorithm that directly relates the camera sensor outputs with the albedo values. The proposed method can produce illuminant-free images with good color accuracy when a three-channel red-green-blue (RGB) digital camera is used, even outdoors under solar illumination.
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Juan Luis Nieves, Clara Plata, Eva M. Valero, and Javier Romero "Photometric-based recovery of illuminant-free color images using a red-green-blue digital camera," Optical Engineering 51(1), 013201 (6 February 2012).
Published: 6 February 2012

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