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6 February 2012 Efficient adaptive deinterlacing algorithm with awareness of closeness and similarity
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We introduces an efficient intra-field deinterlacing algorithm while considering both closeness and similarity between the interpolated pixel and the neighbor pixels. Instead of estimating the edge orientations via limited candidate directions as previous intra-field deinterlacing methods, we propose an adaptive spatial locality- and similarity-based deinterlacing method. Many deinterlacing methods described in the literature only consider the similarity between neighbor pixels and interpolated pixels; however, awareness of distance correlation and spatial locality has not yet been studied. Experimental results indicate that the proposed scheme outperforms a number of existing approaches, in terms of both the objective and subjective performance.
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Jin Wang, Gwanggil Jeon, and Jechang Jeong "Efficient adaptive deinterlacing algorithm with awareness of closeness and similarity," Optical Engineering 51(1), 017003 (6 February 2012).
Published: 6 February 2012

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