26 October 2012 Relationship between orography and the wind-cloud systems of tropical cyclones
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We investigate the effect of orography on the relationship of wind-cloud systems with tropical cyclones (TC). The impact of orography is important for the cloud distribution and wind flow patterns of TC activity. Furthermore, the influence of orography on TCs remains unclear and is an active area of scientific research because of the complexity of orography effects caused by the presence of mountains. We focus on typhoons in the open sea, near coastal regions, and in the mountains. The atmospheric circulation of the level between the troposphere and the stratosphere (TS level) varies when disturbances, such as a high mountain range, occur in the surrounding edges or outflow of a typhoon. Orographic effects can influence the types of clouds (e.g., nimbus and cirrus) that form in different altitudes (high, middle, and low levels of the troposphere). Our results imply that the interaction between TCs and high-altitude topography (e.g., mountains) leads to changes in the features of TCs.
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Fuyi Tan, Fuyi Tan, Hwee San Lim, Hwee San Lim, Khiruddin Abdullah, Khiruddin Abdullah, } "Relationship between orography and the wind-cloud systems of tropical cyclones," Optical Engineering 51(10), 101712 (26 October 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.10.101712 . Submission:

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