1 October 2012 Detection of phase-diffused weak-coherent-states using an optical Costas loop
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We describe a homodyne optical Costas loop receiver intended to detect weak coherent states with diffused phase and suppressed carrier phase modulation. In order to get the information contained in the quadrature components of the optical field, we implement an 8-port receiver operating at 1550 nm, based on the manipulation of the state of polarization of both the local oscillator and the data signal. Employing binary phase-shift keying, we make measurements in the time and frequency domain of the quantum noise and bit error rate using an optimum loop filter, and compare the performance of our receiver against the standard quantum limit for the simultaneous quadrature detection, considering both ideal conditions and the overall efficiency of our set up.
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Josue A. Lopez Leyva, Josue A. Lopez Leyva, Arturo Arvizu-Mondragon, Arturo Arvizu-Mondragon, Edith Garcia, Edith Garcia, Francisco J. Mendieta, Francisco J. Mendieta, Eduardo Alvarez Guzman, Eduardo Alvarez Guzman, Phillipe Gallion, Phillipe Gallion, } "Detection of phase-diffused weak-coherent-states using an optical Costas loop," Optical Engineering 51(10), 105002 (1 October 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.10.105002 . Submission:

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