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3 January 2013 Real-time visual tracking of less textured three-dimensional objects on mobile platforms
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Natural feature-based approaches are still challenging for mobile applications (e.g., mobile augmented reality), because they are feasible only in limited environments such as highly textured and planar scenes/objects, and they need powerful mobile hardware for fast and reliable tracking. In many cases where conventional approaches are not effective, three-dimensional (3-D) knowledge of target scenes would be beneficial. We present a well-established framework for real-time visual tracking of less textured 3-D objects on mobile platforms. Our framework is based on model-based tracking that efficiently exploits partially known 3-D scene knowledge such as object models and a background’s distinctive geometric or photometric knowledge. Moreover, we elaborate on implementation in order to make it suitable for real-time vision processing on mobile hardware. The performance of the framework is tested and evaluated on recent commercially available smartphones, and its feasibility is shown by real-time demonstrations.
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Byung-Kuk Seo, Jungsik Park, Hanhoon Park, and Jong-Il Park "Real-time visual tracking of less textured three-dimensional objects on mobile platforms," Optical Engineering 51(12), 127202 (3 January 2013).
Published: 3 January 2013

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