8 March 2012 Designing one-dimensional photonic crystal filters by irregularly changing optical thicknesses
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We propose a method for designing the filters of one-dimensional photonic crystals (1DPCs) that is based on the traditional transfer matrix method and some fundamental functions. By increasing some design parameters, our method, which can be easily used to design the spectrum shapes of 1DPCs and other types of multilayer structures, can offer designers more choices in selecting the structure forms of 1DPCs. We use our method to design two types of narrow-band reflecting filters based on the high-order band gaps of 1DPCs. These filters, with their peak wavelengths near 1555 nm and filter bandwidths about several nanometers, include a single- and a two-channel filter by adjusting structure parameters. In order to prove our design method effective, we fabricate these filters by lithography and measure their insertion loss spectrums. The experiment and theory results accord very well and prove our method effective.
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Xiaodong Lu, Xiaodong Lu, Shuxian Lun, Shuxian Lun, Feng Chi, Feng Chi, Tao Zhou, Tao Zhou, Yuan Li, Yuan Li, } "Designing one-dimensional photonic crystal filters by irregularly changing optical thicknesses," Optical Engineering 51(3), 034601 (8 March 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.3.034601 . Submission:

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