23 April 2012 High-resolution x-ray characterization of mosaic crystals for hard x-ray astronomy
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GaAs, Cu, CdTe, and CdZnTe crystals have been studied as optical elements for lenses for hard x-ray astronomy. High-resolution x-ray diffraction at 8 keV in Bragg geometry and at synchrotron at energies up to 500 keV in Laue geometry has been used. A good agreement was found between the mosaicity evaluated in Bragg geometry at 8 keV with x-ray penetration of the order of few tens of micrometers and that derived at synchrotron in transmission Laue geometry at higher x-ray energies. Mosaicity values in a range between a few to 150 arcsec were found in all the samples but, due to the presence of crystal grains in the cm range, CdTe and CdZnTe crystals were found not suitable. Cu crystals exhibit a mosaicity of the order of several arcmin; they indeed were found to be severely affected by cutting damage which could only be removed with a very deep etching. The full width at half maximum of the diffraction peaks decreased at higher x-ray energies showing that the peak broadening is affected by crystallite size. GaAs crystals grown by Czochralski method showed a mosaic spread up to 30 arcsec and good diffraction efficiency up to energies of 500 keV. The use of thermal treatments as a possible method to increase the mosaic spread was also evaluated.
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Claudio Ferrari, Claudio Ferrari, Elisa Buffagni, Elisa Buffagni, Laura Marchini, Laura Marchini, Andrea Zappettini, Andrea Zappettini, } "High-resolution x-ray characterization of mosaic crystals for hard x-ray astronomy," Optical Engineering 51(4), 046502 (23 April 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.4.046502 . Submission:

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