7 May 2012 Blind guidance system based on laser triangulation
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We propose a new guidance system for the blind. An optical triangulation method is used in the system. The main components of the proposed system comprise of a notebook computer, a camera, and two laser modules. The track image of the light beam on the ground or on the object is captured by the camera and then the image is sent to the notebook computer for further processing and analysis. Using a developed signal-processing algorithm, our system can determine the object width and the distance between the object and the blind person through the calculation of the light line positions on the image. A series of feasibility tests of the developed blind guidance system were conducted. The experimental results show that the distance between the test object and the blind can be measured with a standard deviation of less than 8.5% within the range of 40 and 130 cm, while the test object width can be measured with a standard deviation of less than 4.5% within the range of 40 and 130 cm. The application potential of the designed system to the blind guidance can be expected.
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Jih-Huah Wu, Jih-Huah Wu, Jinner-Der Wang, Jinner-Der Wang, Hai-Ko Kao, Hai-Ko Kao, Wei Fang, Wei Fang, Yi-Chia Shan, Yi-Chia Shan, Joe-Air Jiang, Joe-Air Jiang, Yun-Parn T. Lee, Yun-Parn T. Lee, Shih-Hsin Ma, Shih-Hsin Ma, } "Blind guidance system based on laser triangulation," Optical Engineering 51(5), 054302 (7 May 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.5.054302 . Submission:

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