5 June 2012 Adaptive scale smoothing for road redundancy region elimination
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In the process of road extraction, the road region often mixes with some redundancies caused by the phenomenon of "different objects with the same spectrum," which exists widely in remote sensing images. To eliminate these redundancies and preserve neat and accurate road regions, a method based on skeleton analysis is proposed. At first, the shortest path of a specified road segment is constructed with mixed region skeletons. The road width at the skeleton point is then selected as the smoothing scale on this point, on which basis an accumulative and bidirectional smoothing is taken. With the smoothed path and its average width, a buffer algorithm reconstructs the road region. The results show that redundancies of the road can be eliminated correctly, and accurate road center lines and neat road regions can be obtained.
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Zhijian Huang, Zhijian Huang, Jinfang Zhang, Jinfang Zhang, Jiaze Wu, Jiaze Wu, Fanjiang Xu, Fanjiang Xu, } "Adaptive scale smoothing for road redundancy region elimination," Optical Engineering 51(6), 066201 (5 June 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.6.066201 . Submission:

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