15 May 2012 Compressed sensing algorithms for fan-beam computed tomography image reconstruction
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Compressed sensing can recover a signal that is sparse in some way from a small number of samples. For computed tomography (CT) imaging, this has the potential to obtain good reconstruction from a smaller number of projections or views, thereby reducing the amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to In this work, we applied compressed sensing to fan beam CT image reconstruction, which is a special case of an important 3-D CT problem (cone beam CT). We compared the performance of two compressed sensing algorithms, denoted as the LP and the QP, in simulation. Our results indicate that the LP generally provides smaller reconstruction error and converges faster; therefore, it is preferable.
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Jun Zhang, Jun Zhang, Jun Wang, Jun Wang, Hongquan Zuo, Hongquan Zuo, Guangwu Xu, Guangwu Xu, Jean-Baptiste Thibault, Jean-Baptiste Thibault, } "Compressed sensing algorithms for fan-beam computed tomography image reconstruction," Optical Engineering 51(7), 071402 (15 May 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.7.071402 . Submission:

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