6 September 2012 Spectrum of temperature pulsations of the melt in gas-assisted cutting with fiber laser
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Measurements of the temperature behavior in the zone of action of the laser-radiation on the molten metal have been performed using multichannel pyrometer. Measurements were carried out for test cutting of a 3-mm mild-steel plate with several values of cutting speed and pressure of assist gas (oxygen), using an 1800-watt Ytterbium fiber laser. It is shown that fluctuations of temperature are related to local melt's surface deformations due to unequal radiation absorption; thus the noise spectrum of temperature fluctuations reflects turbulent surface deformation caused by gas jet and capillary waves. The maximum density of turbulent energy dissipation ε depends on cutting conditions: its value rises with increasing cutting velocity and oxygen pressure in a described range of parameters. The maximum of ε is localized near depth of (1.2...1.5)  mm along the cutting front. We can distinguish the specific radiation pulsation spectrum of laser cutting from other processes of radiation affection to the sample, including unwanted degrading of the quality of technological operations. The spectrum of capillary waves on the melt's surface is formed under the effect of assisted gas jet and has a function of ω −3 , ω is cycle frequency. The results of this investigation can be useful for the development of monitoring and quality-control systems for the laser-cutting process.
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Alexander V. Dubrov, Alexander V. Dubrov, Yury N. Zavalov, Yury N. Zavalov, Vladimir D. Dubrov, Vladimir D. Dubrov, Anatoly N. Grezev, Anatoly N. Grezev, Nikolay V. Grezev, Nikolay V. Grezev, Elena S. Makarova, Elena S. Makarova, Nickolay G. Dubrovin, Nickolay G. Dubrovin, "Spectrum of temperature pulsations of the melt in gas-assisted cutting with fiber laser," Optical Engineering 51(9), 094301 (6 September 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.51.9.094301 . Submission:

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