27 December 2013 All-fiber single-mode high modulation rate pseudorandom-coded laser
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An all-fiber high modulation speed pseudorandom-coded laser based on master oscillator power amplifier configuration is proposed. We use a high modulation rate distributed feedback laser diode as the seed laser to generate the original pseudorandom pulse train. The modulation rate is 1  Gb/s, which corresponds to a minimum pulse interval of 1 ns. A 1 kHz repetition frequency of 10-order M-sequence pseudorandom pulse train is chosen to balance on-line data processing speed and laser ranging resolution. Then, the pseudorandom pulse train is amplified by two-stage amplifiers to boost the output power. All components used in the amplifiers are built in single mode (SM) fiber, so the final output laser is SM with excellent beam quality. Finally, the peak power of pseudorandom code laser is amplified to 23.6 W from 1.5 mW without wave distortion, corresponding to a gain of 42 dB. The ranging experiment of using the optical fiber delay method indoors shows the transmitter of combining modulated laser diode and multistage fiber amplifiers as a promising solution for developing laser for pseudorandom-coded laser ranging.
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Xin Zhang, Xin Zhang, Fang Yang, Fang Yang, Yuan Liu, Yuan Liu, Yan He, Yan He, Xia Hou, Xia Hou, Weibiao Chen, Weibiao Chen, } "All-fiber single-mode high modulation rate pseudorandom-coded laser," Optical Engineering 52(12), 126108 (27 December 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.52.12.126108 . Submission:


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