7 February 2013 Real-time Ethernet based on passive optical networks
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A passive optical network (PON) based real-time Ethernet (PONRTE), which can take advantage of PON features such as broad bandwidth, high reliability, and easy maintenance to satisfy the determination and real-time requirements of high performance industrial applications, is proposed. The protocol model and network architecture having a compatible physical layer and MAC layer with Ethernet passive optical network are presented for the proposed PONRTE. A fixed periodic time slot allocation mechanism including a synchronic time division multiplexing transmission and an asynchronic data transmission is adopted to guarantee the determination and real-time of the communication. A simple and easy to implement time synchronization approach, where the starting time of the first transmission slot of an access node is synchronized by a relative time synchronization while the starting time of subsequent slots is determined by the fixed period and a dynamic time synchronization, is designed to support the fixed time slot allocation mechanism and avoid the collision in PONRTE. A 100  Mb/s PONRTE experimental testbed with 16 access nodes and a time allocation period of 240 μs is demonstrated. The results show that the experimental PONRTE can work stably and reliably with a frame loss ratio less than 10 −7 .
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Guiling Wu, Guiling Wu, Feirang Su, Feirang Su, Xinwan Li, Xinwan Li, Weiwen Zou, Weiwen Zou, Jianping Chen, Jianping Chen, } "Real-time Ethernet based on passive optical networks," Optical Engineering 52(2), 025007 (7 February 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.52.2.025007 . Submission:


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