4 March 2013 Resonant orders of the coupled mode in waveguide metallic photonic crystals
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Metallic photonic crystals (MPCs) with different periods have been fabricated by solution-processed method. Scanning electron microscopy images show that the structures with their period larger than 400 nm can easily maintain their morphologies during the high temperature lift-off process. The optical properties of the waveguided MPCs with different periods have been investigated. With an increase in the period, high-order coupling between particle plasmon resonance and the waveguide resonance modes can be observed in the spectra. We found that the ±2 orders coupling of the structure with its period of 880 nm has similar tuning properties to the ±1 st orders coupling of the 430 nm period structures, which infers us that we can use the structures with larger period that can be controllably fabricated to replace the ones with smaller period. The results we obtained in this work provide reference for further applications of the MPCs.
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Hongmei Liu, Hongmei Liu, Xinping Zhang, Xinping Zhang, Zhaoguang Pang, Zhaoguang Pang, Tianrui Zhai, Tianrui Zhai, } "Resonant orders of the coupled mode in waveguide metallic photonic crystals," Optical Engineering 52(3), 034601 (4 March 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.52.3.034601 . Submission:

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