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5 April 2013 Noise reduction in the surface plasmon resonance array sensor
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Methods to improve the performance of the surface plasmon resonance array sensor at ambient temperature are studied. A self-reference channel was used to eliminate the long-term drift caused both by the temperature and the light source. The Hilbert–Huang transform-based signal post-processing algorithm was employed to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and reduce high-frequency noise. Finally, an adaptive moving-average method was adopted to reduce noise while preserving important high-frequency signal characteristics. A combination of these methods decreased the baseline noise to 3.6×10−6 refractive index unit. Acceptable repeatability was achieved with relative standard deviation 2.20% (n=8 ). The limit of detection of NaCl was measured at 69  mg/L .
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Zihao Huang and Xiaoping Wang "Noise reduction in the surface plasmon resonance array sensor," Optical Engineering 52(4), 044403 (5 April 2013).
Published: 5 April 2013

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