10 June 2013 Fiber-optic project-fringe interferometry with sinusoidal phase modulating system
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A fiber-optic sinusoidal phase-modulating (SPM) interferometer for fringe projection is presented. The system is based on the SPM technique and makes use of the Mach–Zehnder interferometer structure and Young’s double pinhole interference principle to achieve interference fringe projection. A Michelson interferometer, which contains the detection of Fresnel reflection on its fiber end face and interference at one input port of a 3 dB coupler, is utilized to achieve feedback precise control of the fringe phase, which is sensitive to phase drifting produced by the nature of the fiber. The phase diversity for the closed-loop SPM system can be real-time measured with a precision of 3 mrad. External disturbances mainly caused by temperature fluctuations can be reduced to 57 mrad for the fringe map. The experimental results have shown the usefulness of the system.
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Fukai Zhang, Fukai Zhang, Fajie Duan, Fajie Duan, Changrong Lv, Changrong Lv, Xiaojie Duan, Xiaojie Duan, En Bo, En Bo, Fan Feng, Fan Feng, } "Fiber-optic project-fringe interferometry with sinusoidal phase modulating system," Optical Engineering 52(6), 065601 (10 June 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.52.6.065601 . Submission:

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