17 July 2013 Automated detection of watercraft in short-wave infrared imagery
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Optical Engineering, 52(7), 073109 (2013). doi:10.1117/1.OE.52.7.073109
An automated approach for detecting the presence of watercraft in a maritime environment characterized by regions of land, sea, and sky, as well as multiple targets and both water- and land-based clutter, is described. The detector correlates a wavelet model of previously acquired images with those obtained from newly acquired scenes. The resulting detection statistic outperforms two other detectors in terms of probability of detection for a given (low) false alarm rate. It is also shown how the detection statistics associated with different wavelet models can be combined in a way that offers still further improvements in performance. The approach is demonstrated to be effective in finding watercraft in previously collected short-wave infrared imagery.
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Colin C. Olson, K. Peter Judd, Krishnan Chander, Andrew J. Smith, Max Conant, Jonathan M. Nichols, James R. Waterman, "Automated detection of watercraft in short-wave infrared imagery," Optical Engineering 52(7), 073109 (17 July 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.52.7.073109

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