18 July 2013 Nonlinear auto-adjusting iterative reconstruction technique for interferometric tomography
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A new algebraic reconstruction technique (ART), nonlinear auto-adjusting iterative reconstruction technique (NAIRT), is proposed and applied to reconstruct a section of an actual thermal air flow field. With numerical simulation, NAIRT was tested to reconstruct a complicated field to demonstrate its superior reconstructive capability. In contrast, three typical ARTs, the basic ART, simultaneous ART (SART), and a modified SART (MSART), were simulated to demonstrate the reconstructive capability improvement attained through the use of the proposed NAIRT. The calculated results were discussed with mean square error (MSE) and peak error (PE). A thermal air flow field was produced with an alcohol burner and was detected by a laser beam. With laser beam projections, a cross-section of the field was reconstructed by NAIRT. As a result, the reconstructive capability was improved much by NAIRT. The MSE decreased by 95.5%, and PE by 97.2% from that of the basic ART. Only NAIRT converged without filters while its reconstructive accuracy improved. By increasing the projections from 42 to 84, the accuracy of NAIRT without filters was improved significantly. NAIRT could effectively reconstruct the section of the thermal field. The proposed NAIRT needed no filter for its convergence and it had the highest reconstructive accuracy and simplest iterative expression of those analyzed.
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Yizhong Song, Yizhong Song, Tao Sun, Tao Sun, Peishu Qu, Peishu Qu, } "Nonlinear auto-adjusting iterative reconstruction technique for interferometric tomography," Optical Engineering 52(7), 074107 (18 July 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.52.7.074107 . Submission:

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