25 February 2013 Synthesis aperture femtosecond-pulsed digital holography
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A new aperture-synthesis approach in femtosecond-pulse digital holography for obtaining a high-resolution and a whole field of view of the reconstructed image is proposed. The subholograms are recorded only by delay scanning holograms that have different delay times between the object and reference beams. In addition, by using image processing techniques, the synthesis aperture digital hologram can be superposed accurately. Analysis and experimental results show that the walk-off in femtosecond off-axis digital holography caused by low coherent can be well eliminated. The resolution and the field of view of the reconstructed image can be improved effectively.
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Linwei Zhu, Meiyu Sun, Jiannong Chen, Yongjiang Yu, Changhe Zhou, "Synthesis aperture femtosecond-pulsed digital holography," Optical Engineering 52(9), 091703 (25 February 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.52.9.091703 . Submission:

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