27 June 2014 Amplified slow light beam splitter and 1 s optical memory
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Optical Engineering, 53(10), 102703 (2014). doi:10.1117/1.OE.53.10.102703
Using atomic motion to coherently spread light information stored in atoms provides a means to manipulate atom-light interactions. We demonstrate light splitting with moving atoms in a paraffin-coated vapor cell by using phase-sensitive degenerate four-wave mixing, or self-rotation. This scheme amplifies the slow light beam splitter signal, and, in the meantime, maintains the phase coherence between the beam-splitter channels. Light storage efficiency in the beam-splitting channel can also be enhanced. Furthermore, we demonstrate an optical memory exceeding 1 s, taking advantage of the gain from self-rotation and an atomic coherence composed of a fast-decaying part and a slow-decaying part. These results should find applications in optical memory, optical routers, and atomic coherence control.
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Shuo Shen, Xiwei Xu, Yanhong Xiao, "Amplified slow light beam splitter and 1 s optical memory," Optical Engineering 53(10), 102703 (27 June 2014). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.10.102703

Beam splitters

Optical storage

Slow light


Chemical species


Coherence (optics)

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