23 October 2014 Fuzzy decoding in color-coded structured light
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Decoding is a challenging and complex problem in a coded structured light system. In this paper, the decoding problem is modeled as matching two floating number sequences. Fuzzy window matching instead of hard window matching is proposed to determine the correspondence. In the proposed decoding method, the stripe edges are extracted using color edge detection after color correction has been conducted. Then, the stripe colors are identified through the use of a fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm on a color feature, which is only related to the spectral sensitivity of red, green, and blue sensors and the albedo of the surface. Finally, a fuzzy multistep matching method is proposed to find the correspondence, which aims to match the subsequences with the length less than the window width. In the experiments, fuzzy window matching is compared with hard window matching. No matter what local matching method is adopted, fuzzy window matching can achieve higher accuracies than hard window matching. The obtained point clouds and surfaces are also larger. When the multistep idea is added, the performance is enhanced.
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Suming Tang, Suming Tang, Xu Zhang, Xu Zhang, Dawei Tu, Dawei Tu, } "Fuzzy decoding in color-coded structured light," Optical Engineering 53(10), 104104 (23 October 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.10.104104 . Submission:


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