20 March 2014 Fast multiview three-dimensional reconstruction method using cost volume filtering
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As the number of customers who want to record three-dimensional (3-D) information using a mobile electronic device increases, it becomes more and more important to develop a method which quickly reconstructs a 3-D model from multiview images. A fast multiview-based 3-D reconstruction method is presented, which is suitable for the mobile environment by constructing a cost volume of the 3-D height field. This method consists of two steps: the construction of a reliable base surface and the recovery of shape details. In each step, the cost volume is constructed using photoconsistency and then it is filtered according to the multiscale. The multiscale-based cost volume filtering allows the 3-D reconstruction to maintain the overall shape and to preserve the shape details. We demonstrate the strength of the proposed method in terms of computation time, accuracy, and unconstrained acquisition environment.
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Seung Joo Lee, Seung Joo Lee, Min Ki Park, Min Ki Park, In Yeop Jang, In Yeop Jang, Kwan H. Lee, Kwan H. Lee, } "Fast multiview three-dimensional reconstruction method using cost volume filtering," Optical Engineering 53(3), 033104 (20 March 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.3.033104 . Submission:

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